What’s Hot – It’s Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

It is the HOTTEST thing out there folks!!  And I know to get your head wrapped around it …………..

I had heard about it last year, actually went to a seminar and I understood it, conceptually.  Last weekend I was at Ryan Deiss’ Traffic and Conversion Summit Event in Austin and saw a presentation from Laura from Yada Yada Marketing.  She did a FAB job of SHOWING me what Mobile Marketing meant.  (I am SO visual….).

Anyhow, I am going to be happy to bring that information to all of you very shortly.

For those of you who do not know my background, I come from the fitness and weight loss background so this very technical stuff is new to me.  Marketing is not, but the technology is.  So, with that said.  I totally GET how important Mobile MARKETING is and I totally understand the MARKETING side of things but I also want to offer you how (or where) to get the TECH side of things.

So, this is it folks.  Want to be on the EDGE of Marketing……. then Mobile it is!!

As always, leave your comments behind.  I am very interested in hearing why you would or would not do mobile marketing……..


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