Facebook 8.3 million Users per Month

Talk to anyone over the age of 45 and they think that Facebook is a waste of time.

Talk to anyone who really understand the power of Facebook and they smile!

Facebook has 8.3 million users per        month.

And, what is great about that from a marketing and advertising point of view as that you have a lot of control over who you are advertising to.

Things like, demographics:  age, sex, and where they live.  Or, the time of day you want to advertise.  Even better, the ability to set a daily budget.

Facebook is amazing.  The most interesting statistic that I learned was that the fastest growing user was the 50 year old female.

So, what does that mean for small business.  A Facebook Fan Page can easily be created, offering incentives for your local shoppers to “like” you.  Think of word of mouth advertising on steroids.  The possibilities are endless.

However, what most advertisers don’t know is that there is a right and a wrong way to advertise on Facebook.  Facebook is a community and the people who use facebook use it to connect with family and  friends.  The business community uses it for much different purposes.  The key is to advertise or promote your business in a matter that is about community building, education, and connecting.  Not about ‘hey I have this great widget and you need to buy it’.

The question you need to answer is:  What business, service or product do you have and how does it help people?  What solution does it provide?  Why will our lives be better if we ‘use’ it or ‘buy it’.  Once you can communicate that to the audience on Facebook then you have a incredible opportunity to share your passion with your community.

Remember, that Marketing is about continuously building a relationship with existing customers or clients and potential ones.  Marketing is NOT an event. It takes time and effort.  One myth is that one has to spend a lot of money on promoting their business. This is not true and Facebook is great example of this.


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