It’s In The Details

One of The Biggest Mistakes that Small Businesses Make.

Details. Most owners would agree that it is the ‘small’ things or the details that

make the biggest difference.  However, when it comes to  their own business often details are missed.

For example: It’s Christmas Time and the stores are all decked out with Christmas decorations.  But notice how many businesses

have actually taken the time to pay attention to those small details.  Are your stocking ‘hung with care’?  Or are they randomly thrown up because it’s Christmas and it is busy.

If you have Christmas Tree are the lights all working, are the branches of the tree spread out, what about the garland?  The decorations themselves?

If you have a Nativity Scene, are all the props displayed with pride, or does Mary or Joseph have a broken hand?

Have you ever had this thought,  who notices?

Well, I have a secret to tell you… a lot of people notice the small details?  Details as simple as:  what does your front entrance look like, did you shovel the walk?  Is there garbage in front?  If you have a public washroom, what details are you and your staff missing because you see it everyday?  Is the holder for the Toilet Paper hanging loose or no longer there and all that is left is the hole in wall from the screws?  These are details that people notice.

Each detail adds or distracts to the ‘feeling’ that people get when they arrive in your door.  What do you want them to feel?  What small things do you think you could change or small additions you could make?

Marketing your business is not just about what you put in your advertisement.  Marketing is NOT an eventMarketing is a process and part of that process is paying attention to ALL of the details.

My challenge to you is to look at your business with a new set of eyes?  What do you see?


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