Mobile Marketing Is Here To Stay!

For some of you who don’t yet have a website I know that this will blow your mind.  But here is some quick stats for you:

1-Smart phone sales are projected to out perform global pc sales within 3 years
2-Mobile web adoption is growing 8X faster than the equivalent point 10 yrs ago for the desktop
3-Half of new internet connections are from mobile devices

More and more people (yes, even residents of Camrose) shop on-line first before they even leave their house.  If you do not have a presence on the web you definitely won’t be able to take advantage of all that mobile marketing has to offer.

I know, as a business owner you probably just found yourself shaking your head in disbelief.  Where are you going to find the time to learn, understand and then create a web presence.

I have a secret for you.  You aren’t!  There was a time that as an owner of any business we could do it all.  The time has come for that era to end.

The great news is that there is help out there.

We can take the confusion out of the next step.  Call us for a complimentary strategic session.


Ranchelle D. Alexander


What’s Hot – It’s Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

It is the HOTTEST thing out there folks!!  And I know to get your head wrapped around it …………..

I had heard about it last year, actually went to a seminar and I understood it, conceptually.  Last weekend I was at Ryan Deiss’ Traffic and Conversion Summit Event in Austin and saw a presentation from Laura from Yada Yada Marketing.  She did a FAB job of SHOWING me what Mobile Marketing meant.  (I am SO visual….).

Anyhow, I am going to be happy to bring that information to all of you very shortly.

For those of you who do not know my background, I come from the fitness and weight loss background so this very technical stuff is new to me.  Marketing is not, but the technology is.  So, with that said.  I totally GET how important Mobile MARKETING is and I totally understand the MARKETING side of things but I also want to offer you how (or where) to get the TECH side of things.

So, this is it folks.  Want to be on the EDGE of Marketing……. then Mobile it is!!

As always, leave your comments behind.  I am very interested in hearing why you would or would not do mobile marketing……..

What up with that?

Entrepreneurship.  Whew!   It’s even a big word to spell.  It’s complicated, it’s scary and at the same time it can be fun as hell (kind of like a first date).  I think most of us that define ourselves as being an ‘entrepreneur’ fall into accidentally.  Sure, we have visions of freedom- freedom to work when we want, where we want and with who we want.  We dream that ‘if only’ we had our own business we could spend time with our family, time with our friends – time for ourselves.

Then, one day, we wake up from our “Entrepreneurial Seizure” – thanks to Michael Gerber for that quote and realize,  Holy cow, I have a business.  I have to come up with a plan, a plan for marketing, a plan for advertising, a plan for Research and Development, a plan for a budget, a plan for this and that.  In exhaustion, we either run like hell, bury our heads in the day to day activities of our business or we take the proverbial ‘bull by the horns’ and decide to embrace the role of being an Entrepreneur.

What exactly is that role?  For me, it was to realize that there are certain things that I am great at.  And, there are some things that I am SO not good at.  So, I started assembling my team.  Next, writing the plan down and bit by bit, step by baby step, implementing the plan.  Taking action!!

I love the phrase if you fail to plan, then you will plan to fail!!  But, after trying to live that mantra for so long I had my ‘ah ha’ light bulb moment.  I can plan all I want (and I am VERY good at that)…….but if I do not put some of those plans into action- well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happens with that!!!

So, for all of you newbies out there…. you need a plan.  But, you need to act too!!

Today is the day!  You can do it!!